NSPS Ink Rollers

NSPS Ink Rollers

NSPS Ink Rollers - Porous and Sintered Nylon

  • NSPS is a polyamide-based, open-porous, sintered, special thermoplastic material characterized by a particularly low specific weight and relatively high mechanical strength.Due to its open-cell structure and its chemical composition, Nylasint® can absorb oily liquids and release them evenly over a longer period of time.
  • For this reason, NSPS is used in particular as a body for so-called ink rollers in high-speed printing units, e.g. used for packaging labels with expiration dates.
  • In addition, NSPS, due to its comparatively high mechanical strength, is also used for oil-immersed, self-lubricating sliding elements or ball bearing cages.

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