• Since January 2001, ATAG is the Italian sole agent for PIERCAN gloves for special applications.
  • Within pharmaceutical and food industry environments careful control is always required in order to not contaminate products whilst working in glove boxes. It is in this application that PIERCAN products find their very best use.
  • Gloves are also supplied into hospital and nuclear areas.
  • Even for chemical applications, where aggressive and harmful substances are manipulated, we can supply gloves made with compounds, (or matched materials) that are able to withstand heavy mechanical use.
  • Gloves are recommended according to customers’ specifications (and application) in order to offer the best combination of cost and safety.
  • All products from PIERCAN, a company certified to ISO 9001, are produced according to main European norms for Individual Protection Equipment such as: EN420, EN374 (Norms concerning protection against chemical products), EN388 (Against mechanical risks).
  • Each glove is individually inspected and it is the absolute thoroughness of these controls that guarantee total security for each user's safety.

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