Industrial plastics

Industrial plastics

Industrial plastics and technopolymers

  • ATAG offers an infinite variety of semi-finished products in various plastic materials.
  • Different shapes and dimensions are available, specifically for the development of new applications in technologically advanced industries.
  • We supply: rigid and flexible PVC, high and low density Polyethylene, extruded and filtered nylon, Acetylic Resin, Polyester, PET, compact and alveolate Polycarbonate, PEI, PSU, PVDF, PTFE, PEEK, Torlon® (with or without additives and / or reinforcements), Bakelite Cloth and Graphite.
  • In addition to commercial support we provide technical expertise in the development of new applications, both in the choice of materials and in the complete supply of finished parts, such as bushes, profiles, printed items, sliding blocks, rollers, pulleys and gears etc.
  • ATAG are authorised agents for Quadrant Plastic Products.

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