Rubber Products

Rubber Products

Rubber mouldings, extrusions and pressings

  • ATAG is a manufacturing company. Our ISO 9002 certified production centre has over 40 years of extrusion and moulding experience with a wide variety of rubber compounds (Neoprene, NBR, Vamac®, Viton®, Silicone, Epichloridine, EPDM, Para rubber, and Polyurethane).
  • Thanks to the remarkable versatility of our systems, we are able to mould everything from small-series production lots to very large volume runs for mass-production. From tiny detailed parts to items of 1m x 1m in size, in rubber and rubber-metal composites using direct vulcanization.
  • Our extensive know-how enables us to obtain exceptional compounding results for both extrusion and moulding, especially for particularly demanding applications, whilst keeping the solutions as cost-effective as possible.
  • We have designed and developed: anti-abrasive mixtures for the cutting of marble, shock-resistant items for riveting machines (substituting Viton®), materials suitable for immersion into unleaded petrol; specially moulded Neoprene items that are directly combined with vulcanized PTFE plates.
  • This is why major companies in every important field of industry make up so much of ATAG’s customer base.

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