Special Products

Special Products
  • ATAG has PVC and metal couplings for every application: for liquids (in brass, stainless steel, nylon etc), for fumes (with collars), Afnor and Cam-lock types etc. We have every type of clamp: traditional screw-shaped, monothread, collar-shaped, different lengths, in cadmiate and stainless steel.
  • We also supply adhesives and sealings for all types of use: from the generic universal glue and silicone sealant to special glues like the new kit "difficult plastic materials" (which solves the problem of gluing plastics such aspolyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE etc), to glue suitable for silicone, to red silicone for high temperature sealings, toTangit, to cyanoacrylates etc.
  • ATAG also supplies wheels of different types (with fixed supports or revolving centres, plate-shaped, pin-shaped) and of different materials: rubber, Nylon, Adiprene and Vulkollan® for heavy loads.

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